Fresh Sheets

Amsterdam and Beyond

It’s been a long, long work week. And I have a little secret. I am escaping to Portugal in less than 24 hours. But SHH, don’t tell my job, because I’m not quite sure what they are going to do without me 😉

Although I am excited for sunshine and seafood, I am equally looking forward to crawling into the covers tonight. I am exhausted, and am counting down the hours until I can slip between my cool sheets. So in honor of my white linen fantasy, here are a few of my favorite bed-scapes, fresh sheets and all.

* These images are lovely, but are not mine. They are from my ‘home’ board on Pinterest. Check it out for sources 🙂

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Photography Friday! July 4th Weekend Savannah & Charleston Road Trip

Compass & Quill

Last week I was too busy enjoying my vacation to stop and post for Photography Friday, but this week I’m making up for my absence! The Man and I went on a road trip from July 3rd through 7th, driving about 12 hours to Savannah, GA for the 4th, then on to Charleston, SC for the rest of the weekend, and finally back to NOLA. Here are some snapshots of our trip, plus a few assorted shots from home for a little lagniappe.

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